top executive protection companies Things To Know Before You Buy

The most valuable assets of any business are its key people. The very first order of any successful security program is to ensure that people are out of danger. This is not a simple proposition given the increasingly global nature of business as well as the threats present in the 21st century geo-political climate.

The trick to a good executive defense program is planning. PAICA works closely with its clients' safety professionals to create a security methodology that provides powerful coverage to its teams and executives, keeping in mind its primary assignments and high quality of life.

The PAICA employs in its assignments of executive defense armed security agents * and disarmed *, highly trained and accredited. Most of these agents have a solid background in law enforcement, military or anti-terrorism, and are selected according to their professionalism, expertise and experience. Protective teams may also have individuals with medical care or specific vocabulary skills. Our solutions include:

Armed and unarmed read more escorts
Armored vehicles
Safety assessment of localities
Countermeasure Coaching
24-hour contact staff in every regional office
Digital counterintelligence measures
Corporate traveling information
Threat assessments and vulnerability research
Executive Protection Workshops for Executives

Our focus on Business Protection would be to examine in advance the dangers associated with planned activities, and incorporate non-intrusive security protocols and technology to the client's lifestyle to mitigate these risks. Our principal goal is to guarantee the safety of our clients without creating a restrictive or embarrassing security presence.

Our get more info experts recommend different security schemes for the executive and his family according to their personal security requirements. From the introduction of technical measures to the feasibility of security employees to mobile or fixed monitoring stations. The training and profile required for safety employees is defined according to each instance.

Additionally, recommendations are made regarding communicating strategies, displacement, control procedures, emergency activities, protection of confidential information and operational coordination of the team.

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